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“#pleasedontshoot #handsup #MikeBrown #Ferguson #peace #janellemonae (at With Ferguson)”

Paper is p. awesome.
—-instagram-to-tumblr-edit——OH man, I think I can be cavalier on instagram about it, but NOT here!!! Guys, my etsy shop just made its first sale, H O L Y B U T T S. I am tuning out the voice that wishes I worked out my brand identity more, or was more set up, because that is always where I get stuck (i.e. striving for perfection, overthinking it, not finishing stuff, not publishing stuff). Nope, this is how it happens, by the seat of my pants.If you’re curious: etsy.com/shop/gracedchin.
(In the coming days, I think I will have it more polished. I’d appreciate any help promoting stuff through reblogs when it happens.)

Go check this out! It’s adorable! 

I don’t care if Mike Brown was going to college soon. This should not matter. We should not have to prove Mike Brown was worthy of living. We should not have to account for the ways in which he is suitably respectable. We should not have to prove that his body did not deserve to be riddled with bullets. His community should not have to silence their anger so they won’t be accused of rioting, so they won’t become targets too.

"silence is not an option," roxane gay (via brookehatfield)

This is important. Respectability is not going to help. The fact that he was alive is more than enough.

(via thecelestialchild)

album art
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Camilla Grimes from Manchester School of Art was the winner of the Creative Catwalk Award at GFW.
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